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Skydive Top Sites
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Here we want to present some of the most interesting, provocative, colorful sites as our "Pearls on the Net". If you have created a unique, funny, informative page, or if you know of such a web page, please send us the URL so we can feature it here!

Yuri's BASE Galleries

On his site, BASE Jumper Yuri Kuznetszov takes you on a visual trip to some of the finest and most exciting BASE places on earth. Here you'll find tons of photos from his trips and jumps, and this site gets updated quite often. Many of these pictures are not the nifty professional looking ones like those you can find on the "camera gods" websites. But that doesn't matter at all because on these snap shots, you can see and feel the excitement and the fun of the moment. BASE jump experiences seem to be these guys life's, not photographic experiences and perfection, and that's what makes Yuri's galleries so charming and fun to look at.

Yuri's BASE Gallery
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Those photos were taken from various photographers who accompanied Yuri on his BASE trips. Yuri has a hard to time to recall who of his friends took which photos. Well...he was busy jumping from the rocks, bridges and buildings anyway. So if you want to know what BASE jumping is all about check out Yuri's web site and get a blast. We surely did!

As Yuri states on his site: "The pictures were taken somewhere in time and space by Dima Obod, Steve Ball, Bill Legg, Don Griffith, Mark Hewitt, Stein Edwardsen, Simone Pollera, a few others cool guys and cute babes and myself".



SkyDive - The British Magazine

On this informative and well designed web site of the British Parachuting Association you'll find the online version of it's Skydiving Magazine. The print version is published bi-monthly to all members of the British Parachute Association and its subscribers. This site provides visitors with many of the same in-depth articles and features found in print.

SkyDive - The British Mag
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Read interviews with some of the great people in the sport such as Patrick de Gayardon, Wendy Smith, Norman Kent, Jack Jefferies and Olav Zipser, and educational articles from leading skydivers in all disciplines. Read reports of major UK and world events, as well as comments from top coaches and instructors. A neat feature on this site is the "Dear Dr. Dive" section where readers can have all their skydiving questions answered. All in all, this web site dishes up a fine online sampling of what can be found in the print issue of the Brit's Skydiving Magazine.


4-Way Blocks
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Australian Intermediate 4-Way Blocks

Created by Gary Cobb and featured as a link on his business site, this Shockwave Flash animation of 4-way blocks and randoms is unique and innovative in its design. Click on the different formations to see the moves in regular time or in slow motion. Gary's skilled use of Shockwave animation provides skydivers and non-skydivers alike with a neat and comprehensive computer view of formation skydiving!

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