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Blue skies and safe landings !
 [Updated: March 3, 2000]         Page 2 - For more safety issues see Page 1 and Page 3

Date: January 16, 2000
Subject: Main Container Closing Grommets
Status: Mandatory
Fliteline Systems

Following a recent main/reserve entanglement fatality in which a main parachute suspension line became trapped under a stainless steel rolled rim grommet (installed on the main number two flap), Fliteline Systems, Inc. is recommending that all grommets installed on Reflex main containers be inspected for flush seating. The grommet in question was seated to specification, however, we recommend that all grommets now be countersunk so any potential snag points may be eliminated. Additionally, we urge that all harness/ containers of every make and type have their main container grommets inspected as it appears this phenomenon is not restricted to any one make or type of rig. Newer type main suspension lines are becoming ever smaller and it is felt that this problem may well be on the increase. As a result, we are urging that grommets on all types of rigs be checked.
REFLEX harness/container PN RA01-1 () and RS01-1 () serial numbers 000001-001759.
Visually inspect all main container grommets for any deformity, lifting or wear, looking for potential snag points. Pay particular attention to the depth that the grommet is sunk into the surrounding material. If the grommet looks raised in any way it will need to be set further in to the flap. Any grommet that will allow spectra 525 LB suspension line (CYPRES loop material) or greater under the edge of its rim is considered suspect and should be reset using the following procedure.
A standard size zero grommet setting tool base (female section only) and one flat surfaced steel head hammer.
Senior or Master rigger.
Position the affected grommet over the main body of a standard size zero grommet setting tool (female section) in the manner it would normally be set (be sure that the tool head is on a solid surface that will not absorb any of the energy from the setting procedure). Do not use the male part of the setting tool for this operation. Using a flat surface steel hammer begin to peen the grommet washer surface with moderate to heavy hammer blows (stopping every few blows to check the progress). Ensure that you strike the hammer flat and centered on the grommets surface, as careless blows may damage the grommet. A much flatter and more efficient result is obtained using just a flat steel hammer rather than the male portion of the setting tool. It has been observed that over striking stainless steel grommets using both parts of the tool can result in a sharp ridge forming on the inside of the grommet and that the tool itself can become worn or damaged.
If you have any questions regarding this bulletin or require additional information please call Fliteline Systems, Inc. at 909-245-8828 Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST.

COMPLIANCE DATE: February 15, 2000

Mick W. Cottle, Vice President
Fliteline Systems, Inc
570 Central Avenue, Suite I-1
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530 USA

All Reflex owners affected by service bulletin for whom addresses are on file
All Fliteline Systems Dealers
All Appropriate Parachuting publications
USPA Safety & Training Committee
PIA Technical Committee
IPC Technical Committee
PIA Para Newsbriefs

For more safety issues see Page 2 and Page 3

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