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To Para-ski or not to Para-ski...                            Lead Story Page 2


The Ranch had hosted the U.S. Para-Ski Championships for the past few years. In 1998, they did bid on the event. In 1999, the Ranch did not bid but, at the last minute request of the USPA, changed their local club meet to host the Para-Ski Nationals. This was because USPA could not get anyone to host the event as it has been a money-losing venture. The Ranch did not submit an "official" bid for 2000. However, they *did* offer, once again, to host the event as they had for the past two years in order to keep the event alive.
From reviewing the above facts, obviously, there were lapses in judgment on the part of the USPA and the Ranch. Fact is the Ranch did not submit a bid this year for hosting the event. But fact also is that the Ranch offered to host the event this year, and had graciously accommodated the USPA's request last year to host the event at the last minute, and even changed their club schedule to do so.
Lastly, fact shows that the USPA might have been wiser to have considered this fact, and shown the Ranch courtesy by asking them about hosting the event before directly taking a vote and going ahead to choose the Canadian location. Whether or not this event was in jeopardy, and whether or not it had been in discussion to combine Canadian/USA championships, a huge lapse in courtesy and communication resulted in the situation as it is.
From how it appears, unless there are serious bids to pick up this sporting event in this country, Para-skiing in the USA is a dying discipline. Unless the USPA drops it's sanction fee and helps offset the high cost of running a Para-Ski meet, no one will bid on or be financially able to host this event. Also, the USPA demo insurance does not cover a skydiver competition and the cost to purchase an outside insurance policy is out of sight.
No U.S. drop zones bid to host the event in 1999 or 2000! So all you guys from snowy dropzones in our country, listen up! If you want to have the U.S. Para-Ski Nationals continue back in the USA next year, then talk to USPA about the financial facts and B-I-D on hosting this event! Certainly, it is not only up to the Ranch to pitch in. That's why it's "US"PA! It involves all drop zones who qualify not just the Ranch!
In closing, we would like to thank both the USPA Board of Directors and the Ranch drop zone manager for their speedy and comprehensive responses to our inquiries. Now, let's get down to the business of enjoyment and put the the confusion and misunderstandings to rest, and look forward to two exciting Para-Ski events in the USA and Canada during the last two weekends in March. That's what it's all about--the enjoyment of our wonderful sport! For more information on these events, check out our competitions page for the latest news and up-to-the-minute information.

by Trisha <> and @nne <>
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