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Here you can find the latest news, which will reach us during the current month. Short and crunchy. Got news? Mail'm!
 [Updated: March 13, 2000]


  • Skydiver of the Year - BJ Worth
  • Golden Knights at Z-Hills  [new]
  • Skydiving in Chile
  • News from OmniSkore
  • Win a Skydiving Safari with Airspeed
  • News from the "Sky Knights"
  • Pro-Track improved
  • News Bytes
  • Commendation for "Jump for Venezuela"  [new]
  • New Videos
  • "Golden Knights" new ebook
  • "Millennium Skydiving" Opening
  • News from the Shop Zone
  • Staff wanted  [updated]
  • Stolen & Missing Gear
  • Commendation for "Jump for Venezuela"

    Alexis Perry (Exotic Sky Adventures General Manager), Pedro Luis Gonzalez and Anibal Dao (ESA's Venezuelan onsite managers) were honored by the governor of miranda state, with Cecilio Acosta Gold Medallion, 1st. class and diploma which is the highest honor by the State of Miranda, for there contribution and organization of the "Jump for Venezuela", humanitarian program. For more information, please check

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    New Videos

    New Olav Zipser Video
    The New Olav Zipser Video From New Tribe Entertainment Is Now Available. "The best Skydiving Video I have seen to date" says Simon Mundell, Icarus Canopies General Manager.

    Olav Zipser & Team Freefly Circus, Olav Zipser's First School of Modern Skyflying & The Skydive America, Freefliers, big way Freefly dives, multi point VRW, cool music.

    Filmed on location at:
    The Clouds Edge Skydive America Palm Beach, Olav Zipser's Home DZ - The Espace Boogie, Vichy, France - Ampuriabrava, Spain - The Cliffs in Norway

    $28.30 Plus S&H (FL Residents add 6% FL Sales Tax)
    For orders call A&B Rigging at 561 924 2020 [USA]

    Rec.Skydiving Boogie Video
    Jan Davis' video of the Rec.Skydiving Boogie at Skydive Sebastian is now available. A must for all who were there and an inside view and great fun for all those who couldn't attend. Rita reviewed it and stated the following: "... if you want to experience the full range of emotions, trust me, you want a copy of this tape. If you couldn't be there in the flesh, after watching this tape, you'll feel like you were in the center of everything --on all the dives, funneling those formations, flipping over the backs of your fellow jumpers, making that gentle dock and enjoying a sunset canopy ride ... even pieing the Bozo-- with your friends and fellow recdotskydivers in the land of sea and sun at Sebastian, Florida." For stills and order information check out Jan's Web Site.

    New Video of the 1999 World Freefall Convention
    Aerial Focus is pleased to announce that the video for the 1999 World Freefall Convention has been completed and will now be shipped. The premier screening was at Perris Valley, Saturday, February 12, and they folks were thrilled. Check out their website for more information.

    Christopher Bjork's "The Mad Track" Video
    Christopher Bjork recently released "The Mad Track" video magazine #10. It's a half hour long and features footage from the 1999 Couch Freaks Boogie, a Memorial Day Boogie at Sky's The Limit, and a rigging segment by Dave Dewolf. The video is visually more interesting than its predecessors due to new digital equipment and tighter editing, claims Bjork. Although only nine videos were produced over the last three years, he says plans are to release six videos in 2000. The cost for all six is $65. Telephone Bjork at (888) 533-9379. [Source: Skydiving Magazine]

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    "The Golden Knights'" - The inside track!

    The new eBock of the "Golden Knights" is now available at

    Here you will get a rare look inside the U. S. Army Parachute Team - the stars of the show - the Golden Knights! Follow the Golden Knights through their yearly cycle of selections, winter training, and the exciting demonstration and competition seasons as you learn the traditions, routines and the professional "fine points" making up the mystique of one of the world's best skydiving teams. The book is in the PDF format and readable across all platforms with the Adobe Acrobat Reader. For free sample extract, email Joe White at

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    "Millennium Skydiving" opens

    "Millennium Skydiving" is set to open March 17, 2000. The dropzone is located 45 miles south of Chicago at the Greater Kankakee Airport. 33 acres of landing area. 8/10's mile from exit 308 on I-57. Caravans are flying, tickets are $15.00. Minimum 6 to fly. Open Wednesday thru Sunday. Aircraft operated by Viking Express. Load organizing every day. For more information send an email to

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    News from the Shop Zone

    Manifest Software
    Air Manifest is a new software that helps you to quickly register your customer for the next jump. It manages your customer accounts and your manifest, and provides reports. You can choose three different languages: English, French and Spanish. The price is US$99.00. Have a look at and email André Cloutier in Canada for more information at andre.cloutier3

    Iron it!
    Check out "Iron on fabric transfers" for some cool skydiving designs. Get out your iron and spiff up your T-Shirts or other pieces of clothes. Check out the funny and meaningful stuff, and put it on anything you like. Online and snail mail ordering are available.

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    Staff wanted

    NEW ! >>> Strong rated Tandem Instructors
    Immediate openings available for Strong rated Tandem Instructors. Busy Washington, DC/Virginia area DZ, in business for 30+ years. Full service facilities, friendly staff. send resume to: Bill Hultgren at

    NEW ! >>> Strong Rated Tandem Masters
    Michigan DZ Looking for Strong Rated Tandem Masters for Y2K season. Must want to do at least 10 jumps per day. Currently weekends only. TOP $$$$. Call 1-877-TO SKYDIVE.

    NEW ! >>> Tandem, Video, and Aff Persons
    Jump at the tandem and student operation in the San Francisco North Bay. Full and part time Instructors needed. Do 1000,s of skydives this year. Last year our full time instructors earned between $2500 and $5000 per month. Wage structure negotiable.

    Examples for a qualified instructor:
    $ 1000 per month and get paid per jump OR negotiable salary OR $ 5000 sign on bonus OR just be paid by the skydive (Make up to $50 per skydive with tips and bonuses)
    All English-speaking instructors welcome to apply. Pilot opportunities also available. Call Colin (707) 894 9241

    NEW ! >>> Full Time Experienced Parachute Packers
    1- 4 packers - preferably independent of each other - required to handle $60,000 to $100,000 plus worth of packing business at a very busy Eastern Area/Mid Atlantic Region Dropzone. These positions are available to full time hard working and dedicated professionals. Duties include packing for AFF & Camera Staff, Strong Tandem & Javelin/Racer Student Rigs. Additional packing business is available from Teams and others using our facility.

    We offer a great opportunity for a fun filled and very rewarding summer season to hard working, dedicated, team orientated packers. Recruitment for these positions is being handled by:

    Martin Evans/Tracey Eckersley
    Sky-Eye Skydiving Services
    13529 US Highway 1 #139, Sebastian, FL 32958
    Tel: (mobile) 561 379 3223

    NEW ! >>> AFF and Tandem Jumpmaster(s) and Packers
    Skydive Maryland/Parachutes Are Fun, Inc seeks AFF and Tandem Jumpmaster(s) and packers for the 2000 summer season. Great Pay! Full Time King Air and 2-Cessna 182's. Camping on Airport with hookups (RV's welcome), wide open landing area, indoor packing, and more. Located on a private airport. In business with the same owner/ operator since 1974. For more information please contact Gordon Riner at (800) 232-9501 or by emailt at

    Instructor wanted
    Skydive Hawaii would like to hear from you if you're available to start jumping. They provide free housing for the first month to assist your relocation. Most staff average is 1200-1500 work jumps each year. The DZ is an established company with year around customer base. You must be US citizen, and have a work permit or a college degree (and they'll sponsor you for a work permit). Contact Clarence Lopez at

    Packer for Boogie wanted
    Sunpath is coming to the Ranch in NY for the 4th of July Boogie 1-4 July. They need a few packers to keep the 20 plus demo rigs moving. Interested packers can contact Doris at

    Tandem Instructor (Strong rated)
    The Christchurch Parachute School in New Zealand has a vacancy for a Tandem Instructor (Strong rated) preferably with an AFF instructor or JM rating. Their DZ is at Wigram Airfield in Christchurch, only 15 minutes from the city center. This is a secure long term position with good working conditions and a friendly team. This position is available immediately. Applications should be made to the attention of Steve Smith. For more information on the dropzone check out their web site at or send an email to

    Manifest / Office Manager Wanted
    Finger Lakes Skydivers is looking for a manifest / office manager for the 2000 season, April through October. Free housing on the DZ plus pay and some free jumps. Duties include answering phone, booking students, signing up students and checking waivers, mailing brochures, maintaining mailing lists, manifesting students, shagging tandem canopies, keeping club house picked up and other related duties. Some packing may also be available for extra pay. DZ is located in up state New York in the Finger Lakes Region at the Ovid Airport. Airport is owned by the DZ. Must be familiar with skydiving operations and some computer experience. If you are interested reply by e-mail. If you are seriously interested, call the DZ at 607-869-5601, or write Finger Lakes Skydivers, 9752 Kingtown Road, Trumansburg, N.Y. 14886

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    Stolen & Missing Equipment!!!

    Skydive Temple in Texas was broken into on the weekend of January 22-23 week and had some equipment stolen. As they stated, they're 99.99% sure it was stolen by a guy named Charles Wood, goes by CW, also uses the name of Louis Johnson.

    Missing is 1 Student Dolphin container, black with a blue Dolphin, made 4-96, batch #9641. A Tempo 250, serial #157630, Skymaster 292 (SN not available yet.) The main is multi-colored neon, pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, gr, yel, or, pink with purple stabilizers. Its got an FXC 12000 with the J mod on it. The thief also stole several Altimaster II's, Newman gloves, TimeOut and goggles. He also took a couple of student jumpsuits and a couple of student Altimaster II's with Skydive Temple written on the pillow, and at least 1 video camera. The culprit drives a red 92 Lincoln Town car.

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    Stolen Gear!!!

    The following gear was stolen Sunday night, November 28, 1999 from a parked vehicle in "The Golden Coral" parking lot in Norman, Oklahoma.

    X-Large, black "Square One" gear bag with monogrammed "Percy"
    Container: Javelin J-1, s/n 9196, black with royal blue trim, excellent condition.
    Reserve: Tempo 170, s/n 58055, white.
    Main: Sabre 135, s/n LS-135 0137512 Colors on the main are: royal blue, white, blackberry, blackberry, white, blackberry, blackberry, white, royal blue
    Camera Helmet: "Para-Mount" System 3 with Norton ring sight
    Camera: Sony 8mm, model TR67, s/n 107191
    Miscellaneous: Altimaster 2, s/n Unknown (Attached to Camera Helmet), Altimaster 3, s/n 105916, Altimaster 5, s/n 3192, Standard "Dytter" s/n Unknown
    Jump Suit: "Body Sport" red, white, blue with black
    Spandex camera suit: generic, black
    And all other assorted gear (goggles, packing mat, etc.)

    The owner is offering a reward to the person or persons who can help recover his gear (no questions asked). If you have any information please contact:
    Percy McGee at (405) 236-0271
    Paradise Parachute (405) 288-6728
    Email Kevin -
    Thanks & Blue Skies!

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    Stolen Rig !!!

    The following rig has been stolen at The Ranch Parachute Club in Gardiner, NY, please be on the lookout! Here are the descriptions and the serial numbers:

    • Brand new solid black Javelin XRS with stainless steel everywhere, red piping on the pop top, a small scuff mark on the reserve flap and a noticably long harness for a tiny rig. - s# - 16472
    • Bright red 95 Jedei Sweptwing with yellow airlocks and a little yellow on both end cells. Toggles set high and tight. An "APB" has been forwarded to EMT's and emergency rooms. - s#- 1133
    • 113 PD Reserve -s# - 11317887
    • Expert Cypres - s# - 10f0616362d0

    If anybody comes across this rig, please would you contact Bruce -

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