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Here you can find the latest news, which will reach us during the current month. Short and crunchy. Got news? Mail'm!
 [Updated: July 25, 2000]


  • News from Quincy  NEW!
  • Results Tracking Contest Byron  NEW!
  • Da Vinci's Parachute Flies
  • Results CRW World Championships 2000
  • 2000 U.S. National Championships
  • S.O.S. Record Weekend
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  • News Bytes  [updated: 07/25/00]
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  • Project "Time Zone 2000" failed
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  • Twin Beech at Connersville
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  • Wanted!  [updated: 07/25/00]
  • NEW!  News from The Ranch
    by Guy Wright -

    Another great womans week here at the Ranch. Many thanks to Sally Hathaway from team Frost for coming up from Z-hills and working with all the Ranch hands over the last 7 days. The weather was perfect all week and she left this morning on the Freefall Helicopter Express, one very happy and tired camper. We will see her back next year for a skills camp.
    The Ranch Skydiving League meet #4 went off this weekend with 9 teams competing for all the prizes and cash. Thanks to team Equinox for posting the dives and judging all the rounds. Our 3 super otters flew non stop allowing several teams to do back to back loads all weekend, getting in alot of valueable training. Check out our web page at for RSL results and pics.
    Max Cohn from Generation Freefly has formed a freefly team to compete at this years Nationals. Generation Freefly is working overtime to accomodate all the vRW jumpers and are doing a great job. Stop by and check em out.
    The Airspeed Skills Training Camp in Aug only has a few slots open. Craig Girard and Captain Kirk, from Airspeed will be back in force to coach and train RW jumpers in basic and advanced freefall techniques. Don't snooze all you newbies.
    Our CRW weekend is around the corner with John and Alan from "Tampa Crew" coming to coach 9 lucky people in CRW Aug 5-6. We have 10 demo CRW canopies coming thanks to PD and they will be here this week. Interested jumpers need to sign up with manifest. First come, first served.
    Several years ago, I started the Pond Swooping Money meet here at the Ranch. Now it seems everyone is doing it across the country. But, there is only one U.S. National Pond Swooping Meet, and that happens here at the Ranch Aug 26-27. We have mucho money and gear to give away and the meet is going to be 6 rounds this year. We are improving the pond for longer and better swoops with a new straight line bail out lane for u newbees. Contact Lee Bendal at the Ranch for info or see our web page at
    Be safe all, blue skies - Guy Wright

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    NEW!  PD at Chicagoland Skydiving

    PD will do their only stop in the Midwest of the "PD Free For All Tour" this coming weekend, July 29-30, at Chicagoland Skydiving in Hinckley IL. Don't miss out on a great opportunity to demo the whole range of PD canopies and get some great load organizing from the members of PD Blue plus some great Freefly coaching. Free beer and Pizza on saturday night and great bonfires. One Super Otter and 2 Grand Caravans will be flying. For more info call us at 815 286 9200 or check out their web site.

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    Project "Time Zone 2000" failed

    Oliver Furrer, X-World Champion in SkySurfing, tried to find a way to stay longer in the air than anyone ever before, and for that purpose he created his project "Time Zone 2000". He attempted to brake Joe Kittinger's 1060 record of 4 minutes and 33 seconds. After a year of preparations during which he even joined the Swiss Air force for special training, it appeared as if everything was ready. For this jump over Switzerland he wanted to use a WingSuit and a hot air balloon to get above 11,000 meters/sea level, leaving him with the possibility of more than five minutes of freefall! On June 3, 2000, after some test flights and jumps, the team was finally ready for the attempt to set a new record in freefall time.
    The team was confronted with several small problems, and then a big temperature inversion stopped the balloon at 9,000 meters/sea level from climbing higher. Oliver Furrer had to exit the basket earlier than planned, and he jumped out at 7,400 meters/ground. With considerably less altitude than planned, Oliver did his best and achieved 3 minutes and 47 seconds of freefall time.
    The "Time Zone 2000" project was made possible through the financial help of friends and sponsors, but unfortunately, this project is now stopped permanently due to technical problems and lack of money. For now, the dream of the never-ending freefall and high balloon dives goes on to be realized yet another time. Read the whole story at

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    News from Skydive Hastings

    Skydive Hastings got a King Air and is now under the management of Charlie West! The King Air was a corporate plane and was chosen for its previous owner's high standards of maintenance. Other aircraft that were previously used for jumping were excluded due to their generally poor condition. Skydive Hastings is also tripling the size of their facilities. Construction is to begin at the end of the month. Their first boogie, *24 or MORE*, will be held on July 14-16. Besides the King Air, a Super Otter and three Cessna 182's will be present at the DZ. Freefly expert Orly King will also be on hand and will offer discounted freefly coach jumps. There will be free beer, food and live music by Bone. For more information, check out their web site, or call 1-877-TO-SKYDIVE or (1-877-867-5934).

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    Twin Beech at Connersville

    Jumpin' Indiana now has a 1957 (big door) Beech E18S. So, if you feel the need to get to 13,000 feet for 18 bucks with 11 other jumpers, go to Connersville Municipal Airport. The Airport is located 12 miles south of I-70 on Indiana State Route 1 (exit 137), about 60 miles east of Indy, 60 miles northwest of Cincinnati (just north of Brookville Lake Resort Area), and 75 miles west of Dayton.
    They have 348 Acres on the airport, 6500 x 100 feet paved, 3000 sod, ILS, AWOS, GCO; surrounded by typical Indiana farmland; 100-foot pea pit, indoor carpeted packing, rigging services, modern bathrooms with shower, gear rental and sales, student training, static line and tandem. You can get food nearby and camping is allowed on airport. For more information call Jim and Vicky Keeney at 765-825-8636 or send them an e-mail at

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    Competition Skydiving Software

    Andrew Bassett-Smith has started an e-group list server for those who use his dive sheet software (available from If anyone wants to be kept informed of further updates and hear from fellow users of the software, join the group by sending an email to:
    The dive sheet software is similar to Ted Wagner's DiveDraw & PrintPool software, but it is one piece of software that handles all sorts of dive pools (not just the IPC 4&8 ways). In addition, the software is easier to use, is more flexible and has more functionality.
    Currently coded are:
    - IPC 4 Way (1985-2000)
    - IPC 8 Way (1985-2000)
    - IPC 16 Way (1997-2000)
    - Australian 4 way Intermediate (1990-2000) - hey he's an Ozzie
    - Australian 8 way Intermediate (1995-2000)
    - Australian 3 way Novice (1997-2000)
    - IPC 4 way CRW - still expanding the years available on this
    - UK 4 Way Intermediate (2000)
    - Other events are in progress.

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    New Videos

    Night World Record at Elsinore;

    A video and still package from the 2000 night world record at Elsinore is available. Mail Gary Roth at for details.

    The Cloud's Edge

    The Cloud's Edge, a new skydiving film by "New Tribe Entertainment" offers a little bit of all. Produced by Larry Kershenbaum, the owner of Skydive America Palm Beach and Olav Zipser the father of Freeflying and drive behind the Space Games and The First School of Modern Skyflying, it opens the door on some of the best flyers in the world. The film includes some of the newest styles and moves in freeflying and some great footage of technical big ways of up to 34 jumpers with 15 grips over Vichy in France.

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    News from the Shop Zone

    Nothing new this month!

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