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This page is for your skydive articles and stories. Do you have something interesting to say? Do you know a funny, extraordinary or exciting story? Write it down and share it with the readers of skyXtreme.
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Back in '62
by DJ Mike -

1962...That's about the time the idea was first given to me to go skydiving.
1962. I was one year old living at North Edwards, CA. My father was working for NASA as a project engineer on the #2 X-15 at Edwards AFB.
Somewhere around this time, my mom (who is now 60) had signed up for a first-jump course at some little airport that no longer exists. When she came home and told my father about it, he flipped. He's got that typical pilot/test pilot mentality (you never voluntarily jump out of an airplane that's not about to crash). Anyway, my father proceeded to talk my mom out of going through with it.
As the years went by, I would hear mom tell this story now and then, to friends and family, about how she wanted to try skydiving, but never did because dad talked her out of it.
Growing up, I had a competitive relationship with dad. (it's in the genes). we were always trying to "one-up" each other. Of course, dad being bigger, stronger, older, smarter, wiser, would always match or excel in anything I could do. For instance, around eight years old, I realized I could wiggle my ears. I showed dad what I could do and proudly announced "gotcha"!! Not six months later, my old man comes back, and DAMN, he's wiggling his ears also.
Anyway, growing up, I was always determined to be able to do something dad couldn't / wouldn't do, or I could do better.
It hit me one night when I heard mom telling her "I almost went skydiving once" story. "Dad will never skydive, so that's what I'm gonna do"!
Through the years, I was determined that,"one day I'm gonna make a skydive"!
1990 came, made my first jump, got my "A", bought my rig, had 40 jumps. Only then did I let my parents in on it. Went home for Christmas, walked through the door with rig in hand and announced, "Hey guys, look what I'm doing these days"!! THAT was a fun Christmas. After the obligatory "are you CRAZY" and 64,000 questions, dad's thoughts are, "hhhmmmm, maybe I'll give it a try".
It's ten years later, and neither have jumped yet. I don't think mom ever will. Her adventurous streak has mellowed. I gotta thank her though. If it wasn't for mom wanting to give it a try, I wonder if I would ever be skydiving.
Dad, on the other hand, is sitting on the fence. He keeps saying he would like to try, but then gives me excuses for not doing it right now. Gotta thank dad also. Without the competition gene he gave me, I doubt I would have ever had a strong determination to give skydiving a try.
Anyway, thats what was going on with me, back in '62. This "really" is a true story.
HEY!! made my first BASE jump when I was in the 3rd Grade! Well, thats another story for another time.

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