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Blue skies and safe landings !
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Airtec GmbH Germany

12 Year CYPRES Lifetime Announced
Airtec Presse Release - September 19, 2000

The knowledge we have gained from the work carried out during the 8-year maintenance has led us to believe that a stable functioning of the unit for four more years can be expected. We have come to this conclusion after having carried out hundreds of 8-year maintenance cycles with a large number of test repetitions, revisions, and repairs. As a result, the previously announced 10-year maintenance will not be necessary.
However, according to their manufacturers, some of the vital, primary components of the CYPRES have a restricted time of use. The replacement of these parts is not possible due to technical as well as economical reasons. The analysis of the condition of older CYPRES units has shown that in accordance with our quality standards, a twelve year life of the CYPRES is the maximum limit.
Upon reaching the age of 12 years, CYPRES unit should no longer be used. This regulation concerning the CYPRES lifetime will result in the following: The lifetime of a CYPRES is 12 years from original date of manufacture, plus a maximum of three months.
The first CYPRES units will reach the age of 12 years in January, 2003.
Blue Skies, your Airtec Team

More safety issues on pages   [1]   [2]   [3]



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