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There are always special events on the drop zones world wide. We'll try to figure them out for you and post them here. We also like to publish your stories and impressions of events, you just have to write them down and send them to us. Check back often, we'll update this page whenever we get the news.

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6th World POPS Meet 2002 in New Zealand
by John Crowhurst -

It seems that every time this event takes place, each is as successful as the one before, if not more so, and the venue becomes more exotic as the years go by. The very first World Meet was convened in Australia in 1990. Long time ago you might say, okay,we all have our point of view. A very large number of POPS skydivers attended that meet and it is as fresh in their minds as if it were yesterday. Since then we have trolled the world meeting in the United States, Canada, Spain and Jordan. The principle has always been that at least two years would pass between meets, and the next will take place two years and five months from the date of the last meet at Chilliwack, Canada, which was September 1999. The venue will be in New Zealand whose POPS society have presented us with a not-to-be-missed opportunity. So, ten years on, we are back once more close to the Pacific rim.
Date and Location:
Opening ceremony and final registrations are scheduled for Sunday, 3rd March, competition opens 4th March and runs to Saturday, 9th March, 2002. Fun jumps can continue on Sunday, 10th March. See a more detailed agenda below. There will, in fact, be a local meet held from 27th February to 2nd March, also the international 4-way NZ team elimination event will be underway during this period. The choice is yours in the sense that as long as you are there and registered (prior registration by mail or through the web) by 3rd March you can enjoy the facilities before and following the POPS meet. The date has been carefully reviewed and strongly recommended by our New Zealand friends as being the very best time of year when the weather can be guaranteed.
New Zealand should not be too hard for you to find now should it? Matamata, North Island is a fully serviced and council-maintained World War II grass air strip used by bombers during that era. It includes a vector and main runway, and is five minutes drive from Matamata Township. The local population numbers 11,500 and can be found approximately 150km south of Auckland City or 1.5 hours drive from the international airport.
Web Site:
A special web page has been created for this event by New Zealand POPS. What will they think of next! If you are online you can access this site through This site carries a great deal of news and information from the event itself to accommodation and other activities. However, the purpose of this message is to give you the overall profile so that you can encourage your members to begin planning NOW! That is to say, that these events do not just suddenly happen. A number of very nice people are undertaking a great deal of work to offer us a great meet and holiday combined. They need the same sense of commitment from us which means registration at the earliest possible moment. We have 18 months ahead but it will soon disappear and their commitment has already begun.

POPS New Zealand            POPS Society

DZ Facilities:
Because this is a well-used aero, glider and Parachute center, there are a number of well-maintained buildings. There will be aircraft events leading right up to the local meet which begins 27th February, 2002, and followed by our own. I will shortly e-mail you a copy of the photographs mailed me by the organizers. The DZ includes an aero club bar and barbecue area. A large hanger is available for the DZ's own two aircraft, which doubles as a packing area when the aircraft are outside. One of the hangers which houses the gliders has been 'borrowed' for the period of the meet as an extended packing area which will enable as many people to pack under cover if they prefer. An amenities block contains for ladies four flush toilets and three hot water showers. For the men, seven flush toilets, a sizeable urinal and six hot water showers. Discrimination, that's what I call it.
There is a large camping ground dutifully measured by Peter Carbines, one of the Kiwi POPS behind the organizing committee, and he tells me that it has capacity for 40 or more full size camper vehicles or anybody who wishes to pitch a tent. In addition, there are established bunk rooms for four at a time per room, fifty total. This should make for some really interesting nights. The site offers 220 volt 50 hz power supply at appropriate outlet poles throughout the grounds. In Matamata Township five minutes away, there is plenty of motel accommodation and rates have ben negotiated by POPS. Look to the web site for this.
During the summer season when we shall be bronzing our bottoms in the NZ sun, and we are warned to take care with it, the camping conditions are ideal. The area is well drained and dry. Outside packing can be undertaken without navigating puddles and pancakes --cow's I mean.
Parachute Center Facilities/Aircraft Availability.
Two riggers will be on DZ throughout the meet and packers are available for those who desire to enhance their tans further still. Reserve packing dates must be current and within 120 days of the event. The DZ reserves the right to restrict jumpers with round reserves according to weather conditions.
Local Insurance Is Compulsory For All Competitors.
Video for the 4-way event will be available but subject to negotiation as an extra with the camera persons. Any POPS jumpers skilled in this discipline should make themselves known.
On-site catering carts are available.
Medical faculties are available from the nearest city hospital 25 minutes from the DZ, and I shall be discussing with our hosts the on-site capability.
Nightly barbecue and beer tickets can be purchased from the day office/manifest.
You didn't really want to know about the aircraft availability did you? I'll tell you anyway.
Up to six Cessna--206 are available locally. A 16-seat Nomad. A WWII Catalina. A DC3 and, as a special treat, an M18 helicopter. The latter is built in to a day trip out so book early. I cannot commit our hosts to making all of them available at one time, this is just not on, But they are there and the M18 and the Catalina head the list. We need to know ahead just how many will we be in total.
The Timetable:
Subject to alteration of course, but in principle we are looking at final registration and opening ceremony 3rd March, 2002. A summary of the program now follows:
4th March - Accuracy (or 4-way)
5th March - Accuracy (or 4-way)
6th March - Four way (or accuracy)
7th March - Four way (or accuracy)
8th March - Excursion to Taupo (including M18 helicopter jump)
9th March - Hit n' Rock event, prize giving, banquet.
10th March - Fun jumps and farewells.
Novelty And Fun Jumps Will Be Available Throughout The Meet.
Our hosts believe that POPS is evolving with more and more skilled over forties appearing within the society. For this reason, the 4-way teams will be made up of three categories with a jumper not being allowed to be in more than one category. The categories will include scrambles teams, 4-way international teams per country and barbarian teams. Each event will include three rounds except Hit n' Rock which will be one round. Each event will be called after two days.
Not shown above, but very much in the minds of the organizers is CRW for the first time ever. This might be inserted at the beginning (subject to numbers and experience levels available) during 1st and 2nd March before the main meet begins. Load organizers will be available and, of course, large formations are also very much in mind.
Whatever you need is there, space for camping, rent a motor home 2 berth to 6 berth, airfield bunkhouse or, you can go live in a motel in Matamata Township itself. This is detailed on the web site. and costs summarized below. The organizing committee tell me that they are prepared to collect and hold deposits by agreement with the DZ and local motels. If you are booking through the Internet, the web page will instruct you on procedure.
Costs and Currency:
All costs are approximate at this time and in U.S. dollars due to the 18-month factor ahead. Summarizing these costs then:
Registration - $65.00 [includes banquet]
Insurance - $20.00 [to be confirmed]
Accuracy (3 rounds) - $24.00
Four way (3 rounds) - $60.00
Hit n' Rock (1 round) - $8.00
Catalina jump - $27.00
DC3 jump - $27.00
Taupo excursion and M18 jump - $60.00
Barbecue tickets - $5.00 [Free beer from 20.00 to 22.30, bar opens 1930]
DZ Bunk house - $6.00 [per head per night]
Camp site with own tent - $7.00 [per tent per day]
Motor site with power - $8.00 [per vehicle per day]
Motor home - from $40.00 [per day unlimited mileage]
Motel - from $40.00 [per day including breakfast]
For now, this as accurate as we can be. Bear in mind that discount packages for groups can be negotiated. It is important that each Top Pop immediately sets the scene for special flight rates through the New Zealand national airline if, indeed, the countries concerned can access those flights. I will be approaching airlines of the region (UK offices) to place the concept before them on behalf of all participating countries, the outcome being mailed to you in due course.
Accepted as host's responsibility and will include cash prizes as well traditional medal awards based upon Maori culture. The World Wide Pops personality plate awarded to the Denmark contingent at Chilliwack should be transferred to New Zealand by a Danish member in due course. This is an individual award and not a group award, the Danish group being one exception to the rule, not to be repeated.
Off DZ Activities:
Life outside of skydiving in New Zealand includes many activities within a two-hour drive of the DZ. Average temperatures will be 20C to 26C with stable winds. The DZ is at 180 feet above sea level. From there you can find golf / gliding / fishing / dairy and stud farms / thermal and volcanic areas / adventure parks (black water rafting, jet boating, bungey jumping (what's that!), endless walks through some of the most unspoiled bush in the world). Internationally rated gardens are also a must.
Organizing Committee:
Peter Carbines ( Eric Pemberton, Graham Templeton, Richard Thomas. Behind Peter, Eric, Graham and Richard I am told there are around ten other Kiwi Pops involved. If you have any questions you can ask me or, I am certain that Peter will not object to you mailing him. Please copy me so that if I can I will help spread the load, or just note your concerns and at all times be in touch with the committee.
Variations are bound to arise but, in general, local interest in this event is considerable and we can depend upon this committee to secure local support, publicity and improved rates wherever possible. For now, we are predicting ahead. If you cook for yourself on the DZ, food produce in New Zealand is cheaper and better than in many countries. Prior registration is a must for those who can commit now, and this includes me. My home base being in Quito, Ecuador you can always reach me at, Mobile: 593 9 700939, Office: 593 2 253555 or 269606.

For more events see pages  [1]  [2]  [3]  

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