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USPA Election Controversy

USPA voting members UNITE AND VOTE! The USPA feels that the three voices of the USPA Elections Committee members are MORE important than allowing its 30,000-plus USPA members select who should represent us! Now is the time for change in our organization, and each one of us can make an impact by choosing the option to WRITE-IN our votes! Allow your voice to be heard for this year’s Board of Directors elections. The USPA has become a private club and is due for a shake-up. YOU CAN make it happen!
THE ISSUE - The USPA Elections Committee has failed to use all the criteria established for candidate selection process. How can a committee of only three persons be allowed to decide who will be put on a ballot for 30,000-plus members to vote on? Mike Mullins and Billy Richards have been denied candidacy to the USPA Board of Directors.
FACT - Mike Mullins meets all the selection criteria and easily surpasses many of those who were selected. Committee members denied Mike Mullins’ selection reportedly based on their untrue assertion and conclusion that he is in violation of a BSR. Mike has NEVER been disciplined by the USPA for ANY reason, has NEVER been charged with the violation of a BSR and is, in fact, an officer of the USPA in the form of an S&TA.
FACT - Billy Richards has served on the USPA board before, meets all the selection criteria, also easily surpassing many of those who were selected. Reportedly, Billy Richards has been denied candidacy because of his involvement in a lawsuit against the USPA when, in fact, the lawsuit was filed by Tracey Bartels, a friend of Richards. Billy Richards has been instrumental in effecting many of the best changes that have taken place in the sport over the last decade-plus. Much of what we now take for granted is what Billy has worked long and hard to bring about. He has never lost sight of the needs of the people who keep him in business.
FACT - One of the other nominees selected by the committee has virtually no credentials. Our USPA Elections Committee obviously feels that a person who has been in the sport for a total of only 4 years with no instructional or jumpmaster ratings whatsoever, and a total of 850 jumps, is more qualified to be on the ballot than Mike Mullins or Billy Richards.
FACT - Reportedly, there are NO minutes of any meetings of the USPA committee appointed to select any of the current candidates. What way is this to conduct business for its thousands of members? This is a BIG problem and a BIG mistake! How else can the general USPA membership be assured that the committee abides by the USPA constitution and bylaws?
A NOTE OF CAUTION!!! - We URGE you to write-in your votes for MIKE MULLINS and WILLIAM RICHARDS. And when you vote, remember: Using all eight of your votes simply because they are available to you *can* be counter-productive. Voting for candidates that you do not know, or do not know where they stand, dilutes the vote you cast for someone that you *do* wish strongly to elect, and voting for those you do not know may prevent the election of the candidates you support the most. If you feel strongly about just one candidate, just cast that one vote. If you like four, then cast four votes but DO NOT vote for candidates that you do not know. Don't vote blindly; vote smart and get your candidate on the board!!!

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