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Here we'll show you every month a small collection of useful, useless and funny or whacko sites on the Web which are always worth a visit on rainy days. Enjoy!!


C-ya's Relationship Closure Cards

This site can help when your words fail. Enjoying the web more than you enjoy your in-person time? Let 'em know. Send a free e-mail card that says something along the lines of "Why Don't the Pictures in our Scrapbook Match the Pictures In My Mind? Because The Heart Doesn't Lie. C-ya." Or "Whatever you don't find on the porch tomorrow you can buy at the Garage Sale on Saturday! C-ya." Then choose just the right colors and background music to fit.


C-ya's Relationship Closure Cards
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Baby The Net
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Netbaby, Fun!

This web site offers online graphic games from Sweden. All play in a window inside your browser. Most need a free plug-in, such as Macromedia Shockwave or Flash. The games include titles such as Ninja Girl 2, Boat Race and Whip-It. All games are a neat pastime during boring office hours. But what's up with that Netbaby face? It looks more like one of those Roswell aliens than like any baby we've seen.


The Stinkymeat Project

The concept behind this site is so simple, it's easy to underestimate how fascinated and horrified you'll become once you start delving into it. One day, Mahlon Smith went to the market and purchased three packages of meat. Then he placed them on a plate in his neighbor's yard and returned each day for 19 days to record nature's progress with a digital camera.

The Stinkymeat Project
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All in the name of science, of course. And while the photos might make your stomach turn, the clever commentary is bound to make you laugh. Warning: If you're a hot dog lover, perhaps it's best if you skipped this site.

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