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If your brain is longing for more than simply adrenaline, then you'll find it here! Since there is a life beyond skydiving [at least sometimes] we like to show you some great non-skydiving sites - kinda "food for the brain".


The Empire State Building

An U.S. National Historic Landmark, this Art Deco masterpiece reaches more than a quarter of a mile into the air. So it isn't surprising that this is perhaps the only building in the world that can boast a Web site suitable for a Hollywood celebrity. Read the ESB's storied history and inspect its star-studded guest list, from Fidel Castro to the King of Siam. If you want to find out more, consult the searchable trivia database.

The Empire State Building
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You can also find out everything you want to know about the building, how to get there, when the observation decks are open, how to lease office space, even the exterior lighting schedule. If you aren't among the 117 million people who have peered from its observation decks, then head for the Web cam and admire the view from your computer screen. There's even a section for kids and a Filmography that includes "King Kong." Maybe ESB is a celebrity after all?

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
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Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame And Museum

Thanks to this Web site, you don't have to travel all the way to Cleveland, Ohio, to see the coolest hall of fame and museum on the planet. The original I.M. Pei architectural masterpiece contains thousands of artifacts and memorabilia, but many can be viewed directly from this great designed official Web site.

The Museum is clearly a place where everyday items, like a Fats Domino shirt, take on the aura of an original Picasso. Search for your favorite group or artist in the extensive inductees' list. Or just see who made it in this year. There is a photo and detailed profile of each inductee, often with a description of a related artifact. How cool is it? Let's just say that the online Hip Hop exhibition comes with suggested lesson plans. If only all teachers were that hip! Warning: This site is graphics intensive, so be patient.

Is the only time you feel connected to nature during a Jeep commercial? Then perhaps it's time to escape the concrete jungle, or at least visit during your lunch break while playing a nature sounds CD. This handsome site is brought to you by the publisher of the National Audubon Society Field Guides. helps you identify nearly 5000 species of plants and animals by listing them in a searchable field guide. Learn all about habitats from Wetlands to Deserts.
Go there...

There are even local guides that list birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals in your area. Or you can learn to be a birdwatcher and catch up on all the latest bird-watching news. Hopefully, you have a window office and some binoculars.

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