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What would a skydiver's life be without all those great boogies and meets around the world? Let us show you the special ones every month and some great Drop Zones around the world.
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The Richmond Boogie
August 30 - September 4, 2000

Aerodrome Sky Sports in Richmond, Indiana, again is hosting "The Richmond Boogie", currently the second largest skydiving convention in the United States, and one of the world's largest boogies, with an atmosphere like no other! The Richmond Boogie began the trend of the modern-day boogies for skydivers in 1972 when hosted by Garth Taggert, and continued until the USPA hosted the 1976 to 1980 Nationals in Richmond. After the infamous USPA party at the Holiday Inn (now the Ramada Inn), skydivers were banned from the city of Richmond for seven long years until Janie and Steve Stewart went to the Airport board and asked permission to host another boogie.

Aerodrome Sky Sports

go there...

In 1987, the Stewart's embarked on what has become a 13-year journey. With little advertising, the boogie brought in over 200 people the first year. Since then it has continuously grown in numbers, yet always has been the midwest's best kept secret!
The 1999 boogie hosted over 1,250 registered skydivers who made just over 8,000 skydives for the weekend. This year the boogie will be celebrating it's 13th year of operation, with a quality line-up of aircraft, world class organizers, hot skydives, and just plain fun. The boogie will proceed with double the lift capacity of last year. Planes will include four Super Otters, Mullins King Air, one Caravan, one DC-3, one CASA, and possibly a Skyvan.
And this is what you also get when you join the fun:
The Skydivers Unite for Safety Para Quip Summer Expo 2000, including but not limited to: Relative Workshop, Mirage Systems, Sunpath, Icarus, Strong, Sky Systems, Tony Suits, EG Sky Technologies, S.S.K. Industries, CYPRES, Jumper Sportswear,, etc.
Organizers will be Jerry Bird, Roger Nelson, Rook Nelson, Billy Weber, John T, Orly King, "English 'T'", BoXman, along with many others. They will have organizers for every level and for both RW and Free Flying.
And there will be the parties! Of course, as always, they provide the "beverages" and you provide the mayhem! They have live bands for the weekend and DJ's for the other nights, Sumo Wrestling, and Bull Ride, and a Hog Roast on Saturday night (it's free too).
On-side camping and shower facilities are available along with lots and lots of porta potties, including hand washing stations with strict servicing schedule for each day more than once a day.
For more information call Aerodrome Sky Sports at 1-(888)-234-5867 and check out their web sit at


Espace Boogie 2000
August 12 - 19, 2000

The Espace Boogie 2000 will be held from August 12-20 in Vichy, France, and the Antonov 72 is back once more! This tailgate jump plane brings 70 skydivers up to 5,000 m (16,400 feet) in seven minutes! There will be organized jumps in freeflying, formation skydiving and wingsuit flying.

Espace Boogie 2000
go there...

The following organizers will be available:
For Formation Skydiving: Patrick Passe, Jeff Ronzevalle, Richard "Richie" Hornig, Dave Morris, Darryl Moran, Dario Jotti, Richard Malblanc, Peter Allum, Fred Ciccione, William Hamouchi, Jan "Milko" Hodgkinson.
For Freeflying: FlyBoyz (Mike Ortiz, Eli Thompson, Fritz Pfnur), Omar Alhegelan, Babylon (Stéphane Fardel, Nicolas Arnaud), Philippe Vallaud, Tazio Madliger, Team PF (Arno Fletcher, Sébastien Merian, Pierre Maarek, Gilles Défourneaux), Marco Tiezzi, Sven Zimmermann.
For Wing Suit jumps: Loïc Jean Albert, Pierre Desmet, Stéphane Zunino.
Cameraflyers management: Willi Boeykens and Wendy Smith
There will also be a 3 points 60-way organized by Patrick Passe and Darryl Moran.
The dropzone has a restaurant, a bar, and a cafeteria, and there will be entertainment and concerts every night. The videos of the best jumps of the day will be shown every evening on a giant screen. Free camping and showers are available, and an infirmary with medical care will be open 24 hours a day.
The registration fee will be 350 FF (53.36 Euro). Jump tickets to 5,000 m (16,400 feet) will be 148 FF (22.56 Euro). Complementary tickets for group jumps with organizers for FS, freefly and wingsuit jumps are 20 FF (3.05 Euro). A minimum of 250 jumps is required, of which 20 must have been made in the last three months.
Please pre register if you plan to come, even if you don't plan to enter the organized groups. For more information and a pre-registration form go to the Espace web site at

Queen Boogie 2000
September 8-10, 2000
by Cecile T. Kohrs

In honor of Carol "The Queen" Clay's birthday, Skydive the Point in West Point, Virginia, is hosting the annual "Queen Boogie" September 8, 9 and 10. In an effort to provide something new and different, in addition to the usual special aircraft and terrific guest load organizers (more on that later!) we're hosting the first Video Jam!

Hi Oscar, I'm on my way to the base and just thought I'd stop and say hello!
Carol's 12,000th jump -- Photo © Oscar Oczkowski

Aspiring and experienced videographers and photographers alike are invited to learn more about equipment, flying skills, and editing from two top video flyers: Oscar Oczkowski of Flying Eyes Productions and Sean Capogreco of the United States Army Parachute Team, the Golden Knights.
Most recently, Sean's work was broadcast live on national television when GK tandem expert Marc Hogue took NBC's Ann Curry for a tandem. Sean shot the live air-to-ground feed for the Today Show. It was terrific. Those of you who have seen the work he did at some recent boogies (like a few of the Gold Coast boogies) know how super his work is, and what an enthusiastic person he is.
Oscar's work...well, let's just look to the July Parachutist centerfold, (Venezuela never looked better!) and the May cover of Parachutist (remember the gorgeous shot of the guys jumping out of the multicolored balloon in the sky over Eloy?).
These guys know their stuff, and they will be sharing their knowledge. There is no extra charge to participate in this seminar. It's all part of the regular boogie fee. Sean and Oscar will work with you on the ground, and will video some of the people jumping cameras to help show what you are doing as you fly your camera. Sean will work, in particular, on the editing systems that are available, and how to turn what you capture on your camera into a slick skydive video. In addition to digital video and 35 mm, both of these guys are also working in Medium Format, so even experienced camera flyers will have new things to learn about equipment.
If you want to attend, please send an email to or register at

For more boogies see Page 2

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