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2000 Canadian Nationals Review
by Liz and Sharon - Skydive Burnaby, Ontario

The 2000 Canadian Nationals, hosted by the St. Catharine's Parachute Club, were a complete success with the greatest participation ever! All events were complete with full rounds in every discipline including two new events: 10-way speed and 2-way canopy sequential.
Weather was excellent with the exception of the first Saturday. Airplane power was incredible with Dewey and Jason flying two, yes two, Twin Otters compliments of Paul Fayard. This is the first time in National history that a Canadian DZ has seen two Otters flying back to back loads! Duey broke his personal record of last year by flying 31 Otter loads on the first Sunday of the Nationals. The second Otter arrived first thing Monday morning. Manifest Liz Mann announced that everyone owed beer for firsts in seeing two Twin Otters flying on a Canadian drop zone!
The facilities were excellent with four hot showers, lots of camping area, indoor creeping and packing, and plenty of BBQs. Aircraft power was the best that Canada has ever seen and we hope this trend will continue. We even had a surprise visit by a Bell 407 helicopter which dropped jumpers from 5000 feet all afternoon Saturday. Thanks goes to "the Dent Wizard" Dave Pesch for arranging the helicopter's appearance. All events ran smoothly and a round of applause goes out to Meet Director Mary Watson and Chief Judge Doreen West-Gemmell, as well as all the judges and volunteers who helped make these events a complete success. Meet organizer Pete Sansom and DZOs Mike and Tara Pitt dedicated long hours both before and during the Nationals to make sure everything ran smoothly at the busiest championships ever. This year's Nationals was the largest in Canadian history, with 110 jumpers registering for the events.
Here is a rundown of team standings:
Formation Skydiving
In the 4-Way Open event, "Skydive America on the Road", with a total of 106 points after 10 rounds. Tied for second were "Regulators" and "Toe Tag". The first of many jump offs were announced, and Toe Tag beat the Regulators in the first jump off round by two points. Finishing totals were, "Toe Tag" with 104 points and the Regulators with 102.
In 4-way senior, "Fallen Angels" placed first with a total of 58 points after 6 rounds, "Skyhawks" in a close second with 46 points, and "Sith", an Intermediate team competing in the Senior division, placed third with 47 points.
After 6 rounds of 8-Way, "Road Regulators" and "Blast" were still tied for first with 35 points each. Jump-off round one found them tied again after 7 rounds. "Road Regulators" beat "Blast" on the second round of jump off by one point, giving "Road Regulators" 51 points and "Blast" 50. Finishing in third was "Ballroom Blitz" with 20 points after 6 regular rounds.
Style (6 rounds)
1st Scott Borghese with a total of 35.83 seconds
2nd John McCarthy with a total of 36.21 seconds
3rd James Hendry with a total of 39.29 seconds
1st Terry Irving with a total of 38.23 seconds
2nd Trish Frayn with a total of 40.35 seconds
3rd Eileen Vaughan with a total of 42.85 seconds
Accuracy (10 rounds)
1st John McCarthy with .16 cm
2nd Scott Borghese with .19 cm
3rd James Hendry with .41 cm
1st Eileen Vaughan with .28 cm
2nd Trish Frayn with .37 cm
3rd Terry Irving with .41 cm
Style And Accuracy Overall Scores:
Men overall:
1st Scott Borghese
1st John McCarthy
3rd James Hendry
Women overall:
1st Terry Irving
1st Eileen Vaughan
3rd Trish Frayn
CF Rotation after 8 rounds:
1st Plaid Jackets with 97 points
2nd Cyclone with 96 points
3rd Liquid Air with 60 points
CF Sequential after 8 rounds:
1st Plaid Jackets with 57 points
2nd Cyclone with 14 points
3rd Liquid Air with 6 points
Team Accuracy:
1st Para ski with Andre, Nelson, Rich and Joe
2nd TK'd the floaties with TK, Ross, Eileen and Terry
3rd Tent Slayers, Matt, Neil, Erik and JC
Swoop Accuracy:
1st Dave Hatherly (Fuzzy)
2nd Martin Steinke
3rd Rick Epp
*note there was a jump off round between Martin and Rick for second place.
This year's Nationals also had a couple of new events added, 10-way speed event and 2-way canopy squentials. There seemed to be plenty of interest in both of these events with 4 different teams entering the 10-way speed event, and 9 teams entering the 2-way CF event.
Winning teams in these events were:
10-Way Seed after four rounds:
1st "Blasted" with 40 points and a time of 86.48 seconds
2nd "Shake 'n Bake" with 40 points and a time of 97.28 seconds
3rd "Ring of Fire" with 39 points and a time of 124.39 seconds.
2-way CF:
1st "All for One" with 38 points
2nd "Them" with 33 points
3rd "Us" with 32 points
During the Nationals there were a couple of other events going on with the First Canadian Free Fly Film Festival taking place the first weekend of the Nationals, and finishing rounds of the Steve West Memorial cup rounding up the last weekend due to bad weather the first weekend the Otter arrived. Congratulations go out to Brento Henderson and Chris Diggins for winning the Free Fly Film Festival and Octopussy for winning the Steve West Memorial 8-way event.
Due to the great weather it was possible for Formation loads to make bigger attempts at the end of every day, getting prepared for the record attempt that follows the Nationals. Big way organizer Lyle Presse was encouraged by the success of these jumps. We are looking forward to more multi-plane formations in preparation for record breaking skydives in the coming week. So come join us for more great Otter jumps, beach accuracy, bales of hay burning away, great fire chat, a holiday with friends, and new accomplishments for skydiving in Canada.

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