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Here we'll show a small collection of useful, useless and funny or whacko sites on the Web which are always worth a visit on rainy days. Enjoy!!



This is a German concept and they just opened their US version. Would the Old Continent be overtaking the New one in more fields than trains, rockets, mobiles, airplanes and democracy...? (Actually, the Nice European summit wasn't much more successful than the presidential elections in the States). Anyway, this website is tons of fun, very addictive and quite cool!

go there ...


Station Location
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Station Location

Where is the International Space Station? Is it above your head or above Mongolia? Perhaps it's that bright light at sunset, or is that Venus? This site takes the guesswork out of locating some of the larger man-made objects in space. You can locate the space station, Mir, Hubble, or Chandra, and many other bits and pieces of space technology.

Three-dimensional images help you track these objects as they orbit Earth. Download the special NASA software, or follow the links to other tracking sites. Whether you're an avid sky watcher or a paranoid, space-junk freak, this site will keep you abreast of the opportunities or the danger.


I Should Be Working

Not really an "after five" kind of site as much as a "taking a break" or "pretending the work day's over, if only for a few minutes" site, IShouldBeWorking calls taking your time off to play online games, read jokes, look up weird stuff, enter contests, start a romance, check on sports, listen to music, join a pool, and plan a vacation "cyberslacking" .

I Should Be Working
go there...

Naturally, there's an "Uh-Oh, It's Your Boss" panic button. Click and your screen shows, replete with words like "travel business center," "markets," and "finance." This screen is so painfully earnest about business that it's hard to tell if the entire B2BNow is a put-on.

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