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Learn about upcoming competitions and championships worldwide. Check out the schedule of the month and get the latest results, stories and pictures.
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Mini Meet 2001 in Germany
July 13-14, 2001

The Mini Meet at Skydive Dädalus in Höxter, Germany, should be called Maxi Meet, although the word "mini" refers to the number of only four rounds in the competitions and not to the number of teams that participate. 119 4-way teams registered for last year's meet, 31 teams for the intermediate class and 88 for the open class. This year's Mini Meet will take place July 13-14, and as usual there will be a "fly-in" and a big party Saturday night. For more information and photos of last year's meet, which almost weathered out, check out


World Games 2001 in Japan
August 16-26, 2001

For the second time since the FAI, the World Air Sports Federation, became a member of the International World Games Association (IWGA) in 1995, some of its most outstanding athletes take part in the World Games. 70 of the world's best parachutists and skydivers qualified to enter the Accuracy Landing and the Formation and Freestyle Skydiving events staged in conjunction with the World Games 2001 from August 16 to 26 in Akita, Japan.
The recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the IWGA enhances the status of the World Games significantly. The IOC grants the quadrennial multi-sports event its patronage and collaborates with the Akita Organizing Committee in making the sixth edition an unprecedented success. The IOC's clout and its expertise in areas such as promotion are bound to raise the profile of Akita 2001 to new heights. The Olympic flag will be flown at all World Games venues in the Akita prefecture. The previous format of athletes representing their international sports federations will be replaced by that of them representing their countries first and foremost.
The World Games' sports program for Akita 2001 has been modified. Several new sports have been added: Rhythmic Gymnastics, 7-a-Side Rugby and Wake Boarding feature for the first time as competition events; Beach Handball and Sumo are some of the demonstration events. The 2001 program includes 26 official and 5 demonstration sports and is customized to ensure success at the gate on the occasion of World Games being held for the first time ever in Asia.
FAI Athletes at the World Games
At the 1999 World Championships of Formation and Freestyle Skydiving the following national 4-way and freestyle teams qualified to take part in the 6th World Games Akita 2001:
4-Way Formation Skydiving: FRA, USA, NOR, GBR, RUS
Men's Freestyle Skydiving: AUS, USA I, FRA, ISR, DEN
Women's Freestyle Skydiving: FRA, AUS, SUI I, SUI II, JPN
In the team events, in Formation as well as Freestyle Skydiving, the qualifiers are the athletes of the teams' composition at the 1999 World Championships. Not having at least one athlete of the team's composition in 1999 on the roster for the World Games is not permissible. Major changes to the teams have to be approved by the respective Subcommittee of the FAI's International Parachuting Commission (IPC).
At the 2000 World Parachuting Championships the following athletes qualified to take part in the 6th World Games Akita 2001:
Men's Individual Accuracy Landing: Borut Erjavec (SLO), Senad Salkic (SLO), Jürgen Wimmer (GER), Philippe Valois (FRA), Olivier Henaff (FRA), Marco Pflüger (GER), Jianming Wang (CHN)
Women's Individual Accuracy Landing: Monika Filipowska (POL), Ning Wei (CHN), Irena Avbelj (SLO), Valerie Vanhove (FRA), Cheryl Stearns (USA), Tetyana Manyolo (UKR), Honyang Zheng (CHN)
Together with Japanese athletes - since Japan is issued one wild card per event - these qualifiers make up the total contingent of 70 athletes representing their respective country and the FAI in the 6th World Games.
For the first time ever, the World Games 2001 are held under the patronage of the IOC. This implies that certain teams and athletes will be entitled to support by their respective National Olympic Committee (NOC). Some athletes could have training, travel and outfits fully paid for by their respective National Olympic Committees. FAI Members that have not yet sought to establish a closer relationship with their NOC have been advised to do so immediately. Their World Games qualifiers stand to benefit from the IOC's efforts to encourage all NOCs to support and assist national multi-sports delegations taking part in the World Games.
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