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What would a skydiver's life be without all those great boogies and meets around the world? Let us show you the special ones every month and some great Drop Zones around the world.
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The Swedish Friflaj Festival
July 14-21, 2001

Skydive Skåne is the host of the Swedish Friflaj Festival July 14-21. The dropzone is located at Kristianstad Airport, 10 kilometers south of Kristianstad in the beautiful southern parts of Sweden. With the best organizers in the world, the fastest planes and freeflyers from all over the world, it is Skydive Skåne's goal to make this event an opportunity for all skydivers, irrespective of experience, to explore, learn and develop all sides of freeflying.


The Swedish Friflaj Festival

For this freefly festival they will have four of the best freefly coaches available.
Charles Bryan - As one of the original "Freefly Clowns" and producer of the "Chronicle" series he has helped to pioneer the latest and fastest growing segment of skydiving.
Eli Thompson - Eli is one third of the very popular "Flyboyz". Five time world champion.
Colon Berry - Colon is the holder of many awards and medals both as a team member and individual.
Adrian Nicholas - Adrian and his partner Katarina helped Patrick de Gayardon develop the wingsuit and was last seen jumping the parachute that Da Vinci designed 515 years ago.
Adrian is the chief of the one-to-one coaches and together with some of Sweden's top freefyers he will handle the one-to-one jumps during the festival. Charles and Eli will be organizing jumps for all levels. Everyone is welcome to participate except for some of the competitions and some of the bigger formation dives, where you will have to be a bit more experienced.
Also during the event a Freefall Film Festival will be held. Here they want to see what you can come up with a maximum of four minutes. There will be a vote by the audience of who has made the best video. You can have whatever you want in your video as long as it´s fun to watch and as long as you put some great music to it. There will be some editing gear on the festival that you can use. This is just to put music on your movie.
Also planned are the Åhus Extreme Canopy Races. Right now the organizers are negotiation with the Åhus city to have a Swoop competition at the beach. This will be a public choice competition where the audience will decide who is the longest, fastest, funniest and most wicked swooper. There will be a minimum of 600 jumps to attend this competition.
There will be smaller competitions everyday in tracking, speed skydiving, floating etc. A Turbo Let, a De Haviland Beaver and an AN 2 are booked, and there will be balloon jumping every morning.
The dropzone has big landing areas. There are 40 beds in the bunk house and there will be a tent city and a trailer park with power. They have a fully functional kitchen, showers, sauna, TV room, bar, indoor packing area, riggers, packers, bonfire...simply all a skydiver needs during a great boogie.
Registration fee is 350 Swedish kronen and includes an edited festival video. So just surf their webpage at and tell your boss that you won't be around between the July 14 and 21.


ParaSummer 2001
July 7-15, 2001
by Peeter P. "wolli" Mõtsküla -

Skydive Estonia will host the third international boogie, the ParaSummer 2001, July 7-15 at the Ämari Air Force Base in Estonia. A Let L-410 will take 16 jumpers to 4000 m (13000 ft) in less than 20 minutes. A wide range of additional aircraft will be available if required. In case there are enough interested jumpers, the organizers are ready and able to bring in exciting additional aircraft, including for example:
- Antonov An-2 biplane (max 10 jumpers / 2000 m)
- Antonov An-28 twin turboprop tailgate (20/4000)
- Antonov An-72 cargo jet (40/5000)
- Mil Mi-8 helicopter (20/3000)
- McDonnell Douglas DC-3 (no kidding!)
Jump tickets are EUR 12 (~$11), ten-packs are EUR 100 (~$92).
Pasi Pirttikoski and some other experienced CF/CRW/CReW jumpers from Finland will coach those interested in CRW. Pasi will also hold a safety seminar "Canopy Collisions and How to Get Out of Them".
During the nine days of the last year's ParaSummer, 50 skydivers from Estonia, Finland and Sweden logged nearly 800 jumps, a significant increase over the first year's five days and 350 jumps. Adrian Nicholas from the U.K., one of the most renowned freeflyers in the world, offered coaching jumps just for the price of jump ticket! And you better expect to meet some real skygods this year as well.
Get more information and pre-register at


German Freefly Festival 2001
August 23-26, 2001

The 2nd German Freefly Festival will be held at Skydive Gransee near Berlin in Germany, August 23-26. Last year over 90 people attended the 1st festival, which was a great success. All kinds of freefly jumps were done (track dives, tube jumps, Indy 500, etc.). Load organizing was done by seven known "Atmosphere Dolphin" license holders. All Information about last year's event can be found at


German Freefly Festival 2001
Photo © 2001

A registration for this year's festival is needed and can also be done online at the website. There will be a fee of 30,- DM (US $15) for people who register online, and 40.-DM ($20) for people who don't register online. Jump planes will be a Twin Otter and a Caravan. For further information contact Marc Bachmann at

More boogies on pages  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]

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