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skyXtreme ShopZone

Here we'll show a small collection of useful, useless and funny or whacko sites on the Web which are always worth a visit on rainy days. Enjoy!!


Atomic Potato

"Lazy 'n Proud" is one proclamation at Atomic Potato, which features rants on music, games, sports, and random tidbits of life. It also offers contests where you can win stuff "you don't even want." But if you're intent on wasting time, don't look at the "Death Clock". Here you can get an absolutely "precise" -- though by no means individually accurate -- countdown to your demise. Creepy. Morbid. Fun.

Atomic Potato
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MegaConverter has the units, from yards and meters to furlongs and chains. And it isn't just length: this site knows about size and density and any kind of unit you can think of. Plus, it knows how much of one equals how much of another. Don't think you come here only to calculate. You can find out about the context of measurements, just how they're decided, and what they can mean, even through links to other sites on the subject.


The Ad Critic

Television commercials are annoying, inventive, and the best and worst part of watching the tube. The Ad Critic takes them apart, with cutting comments and fun focus. This critic isn't satisfied to criticize without creating. The parodies you can view are worth the Web time, and visible to anyone with a QuickTime player.

The Ad Critic
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The World of Liszt
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The World of Liszt

The Liszt search engine is a window into the world of newsgroups. For a quick flyover, point your Web browser to You see broad categories that cover the vast majority of newsgroups, and smaller categories covering non-English language and regional interest groups. Click one of the categories -- for example, the rec link (short for recreation).

You'll then see the list of subdivisions within the rec category. Each of these subdivisions corresponds to an individual newsgroup or collection of related groups. Make your choice and experience news, information, gossip and opinions on every topic you can think of. Learn and have fun.

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