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On this page we feature whatever you can think of or what you might suggest to us. These suggestions can be about people, teams, drop zones, software, books, videos, games, and...and...


Ahti Kangas - Photographer

"Ahti Kangas" is not a name you may know (yet!) in regards to cameraflying, but take notice! Ahti Kangas from Helsinki, Finland, is HOT and is tracking into the fast lane of up and coming cameraflying stars!
Ahti is 27 years old, with 1200 jumps and almost seven years in the sport. He says his main interest (of course!) is "falling out of an airplane". But besides that, he takes his photography away from the dropzone as well and enjoys the art wherever he travels. Ahti's short-term plans are to jump from a jet, get more jumps outside of Finland and film big formations. And he tells us he also has a few visions about producing his own commercial skydive video.


Photo © 2000 Ahti Kangas
Photo © 2001 Ahti Kangas   

Another hobby is computing, and Ahti uses his PC to make movies and keep his photographs organized. But besides the obvious uses, in his spare time when not cameraflying, he uses his computer for flying the Flight Simulator. Ahti tells us, "I fly a lot in Finland and I'm having a project with my friend to fly around the world with a Lear Jet 45."
Having recently moved to Helsinki with his girlfriend, Ahti now calls the Parachuting Club of Finland his "home" DZ. At the present time, he belongs to no team but he tells us that it doesn't bother him at all. He says, "It gives me freedom to film whatever I want!"
Ahti makes no bones about the fact that his website is his first attempt, so there may be some bugs. He hasn't missed the mark, however, in stuffing it with content galore! His site features a good variety of different (mostly) skydiving topics: If you are a already a cameraflyer, or just thinking about taking it up, the section on "Air Video Technics" is crammed with tips, tricks and methods which will surely help you become a pro real fast!
The section on "Making Tandem Video" is a neat read for the novice or pro alike, as it offers the seldom-seen insight into what is involved in getting that tandem video captured just right. But not to be missed, are the tons of Ahti pics he has placed on his site. Six different sections of pictures will surely meet your need for some spiffy skydiving photo work. Ahti Kangas--a young up-and-comer--here to stay!

© 2001 by Ahti Kangas

Photos © 2001

© 2001 by Ahti Kangas © 2001 by Ahti Kangas

by Ahti Kangas


Skydiver's Logbook

South African Werner Soekoe is a skydiver over weekends, and a computer fanatic during the week. His expertise with computers includes network engineering and implementation, Internet specialist, web page designer and computer programmer. Combining his skydiving interest with his computer programming skills, made him come up with the idea of a skydiving logbook program.

Skydiver's Logbook
go there...

Skydiver's Logbook is a program written for the PC to electronically keep a logbook of skydiving jumps. In addition to storing jump information, Skydiver's Logbook can also print jumps and perform searches on the logged jumps according to criteria specified by the user.
Werner's aim was to write the logbook program so that each and every skydiver would be able to use it and obtain it, free of charge. That is why Skydiver's Logbook is TipWare which, according to Werner, is software that is provided free of charge, unless the users really wants to pay for it, or "tip" the author.
For detailed information and a download link go to

Team Frost
by Kurt Gaebel, NSL -

Team Frost is making big plans for the 2001 season. Team captain and Frost lifetime member, Carlos Curti, cleaned up the team's website to give interested people an overview of Frost's history and the future plans. Frost was formed in 1998 with the original and lifetime team members Carlos Curti, Sally Hathaway, Niklas Gummeson and Ron Hill. After placing tenth at the U.S. Nationals 1998, Ron Hill left Frost to try out for the Golden Knights. He was replaced by "Robob" Healy who had competed with Tetrad before.


Team Frost

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1999 was the most successful year for Frost in the team history. The team won the gold medal in the Advanced Class at the U.S. Nationals in Sebastian. Again, personnel changes came up for the 2000 season. Healy found a slot with full-time team Elsinore Matrix, packed his things and went to California. He is now skydiving with one of the top teams in the country. Matrix is aiming at the National Championship title in 2001. Gummeson left Frost to join the Performance Designs Factory Team. With DeLand PD Gold, he won the bronze medal in the Advanced Class this year. Sally's husband Tony Hathaway joined the team together with Steve Johnson for the 2000 season.
The 2000 season closed without a medal for Frost. The team had participated fully in the Florida Skydiving League season, but did not compete at the U.S. Nationals last year. The USPA rules would not have allowed Frost to compete in the Advanced Class anymore. Medals in the Open Class were far out of reach for the weekend team. However, the performance had stayed at the same level, as well. Frost has consistently been scoring around 13.0 average in the past years. Team captain Curti is not willing to accept any stagnation and a season without a medal. At the end of last season, Steve Johnson left the team to try out for the Golden Knights, as former Frost member Hill had done earlier. Curti is now recruiting for an even stronger team in 2001. He is planning to organize a Frost 8-way team at the same time. The 4-way team will have priority and compete in the Florida Skydiving League again. The 8-way team will train one weekend per month. Further details can be found on the Frost team page at

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