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The Creativity Quest


2. Story:
Send us your skydiving/base related story [at least 500 words] or article [at least 400 words]. It must be written by yourself, you must have the copyright! You chose the subject, and it can be a personal story, an article about an event, a safety article or even a poem or fiction...write down your weirdest skydiving dream or nightmare.
3. Website:
Send us the URL of your skydive-related PERSONAL website. If you don't have one, set one up! It has to be your OWN site, your webdesign! No professional designed sites are allowed!
We told you that you can win twice! Here's how. Everybody who submits one of the above will participate in the first drawing, which will be held at the end of March. We will draw three winners who will get one of the above videos.

Then we'll start a contest. A jury of four, two skydivers and two whuffos--YES whuffos! -- will select three submissions from each category, which will be announced and published in our April issue. From those, the skyXtreme readers can chose their favorite in each category, and those three winners will receive a price (to be announced later). So here's your double chance: send us one of the above and take part in the video drawing AND be creative and outstanding and become the winner in your category.

Dream Flight - © 2000 Andy Angerer/FSC NRW

One last thing: We also need your permission to publish the story, URL or photo in one of our next issues. We'll contact you in that regard if your work is one of those selected for publishing in the contest round. We guarantee that we will use your work for skyXtreme only, make no money with it and will not give it away for further publishing.

Good Stuff

Now's the time to check out our "Giveaway Page" for more information on the videos and how to submit your work. Good luck and have fun being creative! Summer will be here soon...

Beyond Extreme

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