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USPA Elections Special

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Mike Turoff
Well folks, here I go again; running for a national position on the USPA's BOD. Some of you might ask why I, a lesser known person who does not have a major business interest in the sport, is trying to get elected to an "at large" position. Well, that is one of the best reasons right there, because I will be representing the jumpers as a whole, not the industry or a particular DZ's interest.
Talking about issues: I am greatly concerned about two major balloting issues. The first one is that which was "overturned" due to "procedural issues" and thus the will of the membership was apparently disregarded as to their vote on a formal ballot (moving the elections to a different time of year). USPA's BOD is involved in litigation on this issue, and I would have definitely gone with the formal ballot results of the membership. The second one is the extension of the term of office from two to three years. Now here's a case where there was no formal balloting, just a solicitation for comments in a couple of paragraphs in Parachutist. Granted, I support the idea of saving the USPA the money involved in the elections, but really, I feel that this should have been a formal ballot item, not just a couple of paragraphs in the magazine.
The proposed training program is very complicated and out for general comment. I am shocked that I was one of just twelve people who bothered to comment on it during its first pass to the population. I am hopeful that there will be many more responses to it now that it is going to be voted upon at the next BOD meeting (this July). If you are an instructor or jumpmaster, it should be of great concern to you, so get a copy of it and read it, then comment on it!
What qualifies me to represent you? A genuine concern for our sport as a whole, and a willingness to listen to your concerns. As co-author of the leading introductory text for the sport (Parachuting, The Skydiver's Handbook) and as an Instructor Examiner in S/L, AFF, and Tandem, I am knowledgeable of most aspects of the sport and I have promoted ratings system integrity for over 18 years as an I/E!
If you are tired of not seeing someone respond to your concerns, you have the opportunity to effect a change with your vote. I hope you consider me worthy of it.
Mike Turoff

[The "Write-Ins"]   [The Candidates]   [USPA BoD Statements]   [Bulletin]   [FAQ]

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