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There are always special events on the drop zones world wide. We'll try to figure them out for you and post them here. We also like to publish your stories and impressions of events, you just have to write them down and send them to us. Check back often, we'll update this page whenever we get the news.

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Arizona Airspeed Tunnel Camps
by Kurt Gaebel -

Arizona Airspeed has created a separate website dedicated to their wind tunnel training camps at SkyVenture in Orlando, Florida. Airspeed manager Alan Metni just posted the entire schedule for 2001. The January camps are all sold out. But Airspeed is accepting reservations for subsequent camps. The website is providing interested skydivers information about what to expect at these tunnel camps.

SkyVenture Windtunnel

Airspeed has been holding tunnel training camps in the SkyVenture freefall simulator throughout 2000. The pros from Arizona have developed the Airspeed Tunnel Training Curriculum and are integrating it into the comprehensive Airspeed coaching and training programs that they use in other skills camps and when coaching individual teams.
The Tunnel Training Curriculum is a formal but flexible approach to teaching those skydiving skills that most readily lend themselves to simulator training. In 2000, Airspeed members have coached over 50 students for over 130 hours in the tunnel. They have scheduled many more camps for 2001. The tunnel business has obviously grown so strongly that Airspeed has now created the website to communicate with potential participants. The website is located at
Besides administrative information on how to participate it is also offering an overview of the curriculum. It is amazing to see how valuable this training tool seems to be for everybody. The Floridian skydivers surely know about that. But Airspeed is from the west coast. And they are holding their training camps in Florida without ever putting a foot on any of the nearby skydiving centers. However, some of their students are once in a while taking a fresh breath of the real Florida freefall air.

Take a North Pole Skydiving Adventure!

All adventure-minded people are invited to venture to the North Pole in April 2001. A unique opportunity to see Moscow, Taimyr peninsula, remote frozen Arctic islands and beautiful polar landscapes for only one trip. North Pole activities include skydiving, hot air ballooning, skiing across the drifting ice, flying a biplane, swimming and scuba diving in the Arctic ocean, riding a reindeer, making love in a warm tent (discounts for newlyweds).

North Pole Adventures

Whatever you choose is surely to be the event of your life. All you need is warm clothes, sense of adventure and insignificant sum of money to join "The North Pole Adventures" for the trip!. Visit for more details.

PIA Symposium 2001
January 29 - February 2, 2001

The PIA Symposium 2001 will be held at the "Town and Country Resort" [] in San Diego, California. Parachute manufacturers and equipment dealers from around the world show off the latest in equipment and services.
There will be over 130 exhibit spaces displaying the latest in parachute equipment, materials, rigging tools, DZ-operation procedures, DZ facilities, skydiving accessories, virtual-reality training devices, accessories, and more. Seminars on every topic will be held from parachute design, materials, use and control techniques to FAA-sanctioned rigger continuing education, skydiving marketing, professional instructing and aircraft management.
Check out PIA's Symposium website for the symposium speaker schedule, registration forms, speaker information sheet and booth layout.

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