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USPA Elections Special

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Open letter from skyXtreme to USPA president B.J. Worth

On October 23 you complained in a private e-mail to skyXtreme (why not in an Open Letter?) about the bulletin which we published on the urgent request of many skydivers on the rec.skydiving newsgroup and in private emails. You asked us not to publish or distribute your e-mail in any capacity! Don't worry, we won't because we don't do such things in general and not only because you asked us! But we will talk about it!
We did this write up on the request and with the help of skydivers who don't accept that Mike Mullins and Bill Richards were not selected to be on the official ballot. Many of them wanted to send it along to friends and put it on the bulletin boards on their dropzones. So, we dug through all the postings and emails and gathered all the facts for a short summary which we put up for grabs in last month's and this month's issue of skyXtreme.
You told skyXtreme that you believe this was written by groupies of Mike and Billy and submitted to us. Let me assure you: It was written by the editors of skyXtreme! Further on you asked us to make corrections to the "mistruths" that we published.
We are very pleased that you are "not concerned about the editorializing, opinions, or endorsements, but to publish a document as fact, which is so full of complete untruths and brings into question the credibility of our publication." Hmmmm....
Does that mean that you are calling us (us at skyxtreme and all those who posted on the newsgroup and who sent us emails in that regard) a bunch of liars? Just wondering...
So, while comparing the content of our write up with the official statements of the two members of the elections committee, we can't find any difference in what we wrote on behalf of our readers and what Ms Murdock and Mr Schlichtemeier are telling us in their affidavits on USPA's website.
Maybe you might want to do a newsgroup search on and read the postings from the last weeks, so you'll see that this was not written by groupies but by critical members of the skydive community.
We decided not to "correct" the bulletin, but adding the links to your statement and those of Ms Murdock and Mr Schlichtemeier, so people can make up their own minds and decide themselves, if we all lied and if it's so different from the "truth" the BOD members are telling us now.
This online magazine is not (as you believe) one that "is trying to communicate with the skydiving world". It's the "VOICE of the skydiving world". At least 70% of its content is provided every month by regulars on the three existing skydiving newsgroups and by many skydivers from all around the world. And all these guys ARE skyXtreme we all "ARE USPA, too!"
Best regards and blue skies
@nne heck
Editor []
USPA president B.J. Worth [] posted the following links to his statement and the affidavits of the USPA BoD members on the rec.skydiving newsgroup on October 23, 2000:
From: "B.J. Worth" <>
Newsgroups: rec.skydiving
Subject: USPA Secrets Revealed
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 16:53:08 -0600
USPA’s nominations and election procedures seem to have spawned a bit of animated discourse among some folks on this newsgroup. For those interested in hearing both sides of the story, you may wish to a look at:'s_Address.htm
For those who want to get the inside scoop as to why Billy Richards and Mike Mullins were not selected to be on the official ballot, you may wish to check out these two secret sites: and

[The "Write-Ins"]   [The Candidates]   [USPA BoD Statements]   [Bulletin]   [FAQ]

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