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USPA Elections Special

[The "Write-Ins"]   [The Candidates]   [USPA BoD Statements]   [Bulletin]   [FAQ]

Windsor Naugler III
A chicken in every pot! A turbine in every hangar!
My candidacy for USPA National Director has lurched another step forward, with my biography sheet, photograph and check at headquarters in Virginia. I sent it all from Germany, with the certified mail returned to Pennsylvania and I am now in France, so I just called up Alexandria to see if they got it. I was assured that it got through in one piece.
I am one of a number of people who are running this time around in the interest of shifting the balance on the board in a particular direction or another. Many of those seeking office are people I have known for years, who have impressed me with their industry and integrity. You have many good choices.
My slant on things is that I am singularly unqualified to represent any of the competitive disciplines or much of the professions related to skydiving. I am, however, the only person running for office who is strictly a recreational jumper - as is the majority of participants in the sport.
I am one of the more opinionated people I know, so the only thing I can offer is to abstain from a vote where I strongly disagree with the bulk of E-mail, cards and letters I get in response to an issue. If there is anything close to an even split on the input I get on an issue, I will vote my conscience and give my reasons for doing so in this forum.
Rather than state my platform, I invite anyone with questions to look in the rec.skydiving archives for my stance on one subject or another. I hope it's obvious where I was just kidding.
I will try to represent the interests of those of you who won't get medals at the Nationals, don't own a DZ, aren't Tandem Masters or rated Instructors, don't manufacture or sell parachutes and related gear, and otherwise are in it as a lifestyle rather than a living. Those people need and deserve representation, but so do the rest of us.
I ask the people who read this to do your homework, vote early and vote often. Make your voice heard at the ballot box, and hold us accountable thereafter. When we don't represent your interests, vote for someone who will.
In a democracy voting isn't a right so much as a responsibility. I'll try to live up to my part of the bargain, and I ask you to do so as well.
Blue skies, Winsor
Windsor Naugler's statement to the controvery Mullins/Richards:
I am honored to know Mike Mullins, and anyone who claims he does not adhere to the rules is badly misinformed.
He loves his children dearly, and does not push them to jump. When they are ready, willing and able to jump they do so in accordance with appllicable FARs (BSRs don't apply until they are USPA members), under conditions that are safer than riding bicycles on their home streets.
The board loses credibility when they do not honorably represent their constituency.

If I understand the situation correctly, the issue Billy pursued by litigation was to reverse the parlimentary maneuver used to negate the results of a referendum.
Put another way, the membership voted for a change in procedures and the majority of the votes were for the change. For reasons beyond my comprehension, some members of the board opposed the change and threw out the results on some pretext or another. Billy took the issue to court to make the decision of the membership binding.
The fact that Billy did not roll over, and fought to ensure that the decisions of the membership took precedence over the preferences of the board is the strongest argument in favor of his candidacy.
I'm sure as hell going to write him in.
I urge the membership to follow Mike's advice, and to only vote for those candidates who will represent their interests. You do NOT have to vote for eight.
Write in Mike Mullins. If there is anyone in the sport who works harder for the membership it's news to me. I have known him for many years, and have been routinely amazed at the energy with which he strives to provide the best services possible to his customers - from tandem students to world champions. He is and has been a loyal member of USPA, is meticulous in adhering to FARs and BSRs and will devote his unmatched talents at furthering the interests of the membership of the USPA.
Write in Billy Richards. Billy has been instrumental in effecting many of the best changes that have taken place in the sport over the last decade plus. Much of what we now take for granted is what Billy has worked long and hard to bring about. He has never lost sight of the needs of the people who keep him in business. Based on my experience with Billy Richards over the years, I have no reservation about having him represent me. He has always delivered more than I could have asked.
In running for the Board I do not claim to be as hard working or knowledgeable as either Billy or Mike. If elected I will do my level best to live up to their standard, which is not an easy task.
I am confident that any or all of us will devote our efforts to the benefit of the membership of the USPA, and that the organization will be well served by our presence.
Blue skies, Winsor

[The "Write-Ins"]   [The Candidates]   [USPA BoD Statements]   [Bulletin]   [FAQ]

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