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Competition Results and Reviews

Competition Results
2000 World Cup of Formation Skydiving, Freestyle, and Skysurf
November 3 - 13, 2000 at Skydive Arizona in Eloy, USA

4-Way FS
1. USA [Arizona Airspeed Vertical]
2. France [Perris/France Maubeuge]
3. USA [DeLand PD Blue]
4-Way Women's Cup
1. USA [Team Synchronicity]
2. Norway [Team Norway 2]
3. Russia [The Spirit of Russia]
8-Way FS
1. USA [Arizona Airspeed 8]
2. Russia [Team Russia]
3. USA [Arizona Airspeed Blue]
Men's Freestyle
1. Australia [Ash Crick, John King]
2. USA [Chris Rimple, Craig Amrine]
3. Denmark [Nils, Martin Kristense]
Women's Freestyle
1. Japan [Yoko Okazaki, Hiroaki Watanabe]
2. Italy [Gigliala Borgnis, Marco Tiezzi]
3. France [Elodie Griestens, Julen Gebeli]
Men's Skysurf
1. France [Eric Fradet, Alex Iodice]
2. Germany [Tim Glas, Heiko Boger]
3. South Africa [Hilton Roos, Wayne Peinke]
Women's Skysurf
1. USA [Tonya Garcia-O'Brian, Craig O'Brian]
2. Germany [Judith Graile, Christian Goohinger]
3. Russia [Mriya Ryabikova, Igori Kalinine]
1. France [Nicholas Arnaud, Stephane Fardel, Jean Albert Loic]
2. USA [Olav Zipser, Mike Swanson, Steve Utter]
3. USA [Omar Ahlegelen, Steve Curtis, Tim Straus]
For detailed results go to

Review National Skydiving League Championship 2000
by Kurt Gaebel, NSL -

PD Blue added more medals to their collection. It was no surprise that DeLand PD Blue won the National Skydiving League Championship 2000. The other eligible and qualified teams for the final event of the NSL 2000 season could not really give the bronze medal winner of the U.S. Nationals 2000 and of the World Cup 2000 a serious competition. DeLand PD Blue has now won the NSL Championship all three times consecutively since the introduction of the National Skydiving League.
However, the championship event on Sunday, November 19, still offered very close races for the medals between other teams, especially the semifinal duel between FSL team Optic Nerve and Georgia Skydiving League Champion 2000, Nemesis. And it ended with a surprise. After the two rounds of the semifinals, Nemesis was 0.2 seconds ahead of Optic Nerve to win the slot in the championship finals against PD Blue. Optic Nerve went on to overpower P.A.H. from the Carolina league in the final two rounds for the bronze medal. P.A.H. had earlier eliminated DeLand PD Gold in the quarterfinals as another surprise.
Although teams from the leagues of the Western Skies were missing, the event was a great success. The attending teams enjoyed the challenging competition format with the traditional format on Saturday and the speed event on Sunday. Skydive DeLand welcomed a large crowd of approx. 5,000 spectators over the whole weekend. The local print media covered the event the week prior to the competition and with follow-ups. TV News Channel 2 reported the results with pictures Sunday night. The TV production for the 30-minute show at the Sunshine Network was successfully completed. More on Skydive League's website at

Para-Performance Games Results
From: Para-Performance Games Staff

What a great event! There is no telling where you will see the Para-Performance Games next. The staff here has had several organizations contact us about having this event at their DZ. Truth is, we have so many options, we are going to have to wait and see. Thanks to all the competitors and sponsors that made this event possible. Thanks to all 20 members of the staff, security, Reggie Eastaugh/Airblades, air force cadets, volunteers and any others we are leaving out.
After the official practice day this event started with 38 competitors! Only three participants had to withdraw. The 2000 Para-Performance Games had the most competitive field of canopy pilots this sport has seen to date. The Para-Performance Games was an amazing spectacle of high performance canopy flight. Only the top ten positions of each competition will be listed due to the awesome amount of competitors at this event:
Speed Competition
1st Clint Clawson - Extreme VX
2nd Joey Jones - Velocity
3rd Luigi Cani - Extreme VX
4th J.C Colclasure
5th Heath Richardson
6th Vladi Pesa
7th Doug Park
8th Kevin Reiseck
9th Rickster Powell
10th Jim Slaton
Accuracy Competition
1st Joey Jones - Velocity
2nd "Sonic" Bayrasli - Velocity
3rd Clint Clawson - Extreme VX
4th Luigi Cani
5th Wyat Drews
6th Jim Slaton
7th J.C. Colclasure
8th Doug Parks
9th Ivan Kaczor
10th Joey Costa
Distance Competition
1st Jim Slaton - Extreme VX
2nd J.C. Colclasure - Extreme VX
3rd Heath Richardson - Velocity
4th Kevin Reiseck
5th "Sonic" Bayrasli
6th Clint Clawson
7th Caven Warren
8th Dusty Smith
9th Wyat Drews
10th Joey Costa
Fastest Speed Run:  Vladi Pesa - 1.89!
Best Accuracy Round:  Jim Slaton - 100 points
Greatest Distance Run:  Jim Slaton - 321 feet!
Overall Standings
1st Clint Clawson - Extreme VX, Team Extreme
2nd J.C.Colclasure - Extreme VX, Team Extreme
3rd Jim Slaton - Extreme VX, Team Extreme
4th Joey Jones
5th Heath Richardson
6th Luigi Cani
7th Doug Parks
8th "Sonic" Bayrasli
9th Kevin Reiseck
10th Wyat Drews

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