How Far to Track, and What Space Does the Group Occupy

Group Size Tracking Distance Radius of Groups Space (ft)
1 0 150
2 150 300
3 173 323
4 212 362
6 300 450
7 345 (300) 495 (450)
8 391 (345) 541 (495)
10 485 (438) 635 (588)
Note: this table gives the minimum distance to track and the minimum radius of the groupís space for 300í separation, assuming efficient tracking and equally spaced tracks.
* For groups larger than a 6-way, the smaller values in parentheses are for when one jumper deploys in place and the others track.

This table indicates the minimum tracking distance and group space for groups of various sizes so that within each group a 300ft separation is achieved. Of interest is that once the group size reaches a 7-way or bigger, better separation is achieved if one member deploys in the center. Also note that a solo jumper does not need to track, but still needs his or her own group space.