Freefall collisions

Canopy collisions

Out-landings in alligator filled swamps


Each DZ has unique circumstances.

The goal of making a good decision about when to exit the jump plane comes down to minimizing the hazards of: freefall collisions, canopy collisions, and off-DZ landings. The relative importance of these hazards will vary from DZ to DZ. In the mid-western USA, off- landings usually mean nothing more than a long walk, and collision avoidance is the primary safety issue. In some Florida DZs, snake and alligator infested lakes and swamps are serious off-landing hazards.

Since we don't know a priori the directions in which group members will track, all we can safely say is that some 3 seconds after canopies open, members of the 4-way group can be anywhere within a circle 724 ft across (362ft in radius). Of course, the area could be larger if members track farther. I shall call this the GROUP'S SPACE. Our aim, then, is to ensure adequate time or distance from one group to the next that one group's space does not encroach on its neighbor's group space.