Conclusion 5

It is easier to achieve horizontal separation if freeflyers exit after RW groups.

If freeflyers exit before RW groups, extra spacing is needed to achieve adequate horizontal separation.

Use your usual method to calculate spacing.

Add 4 seconds to account for extra forward throw.

Add 2 seconds for every 10kt of upper winds

This can be reasonable if the following RW group is large and will take a lot of time to climb out.

It may even save the freeflyers from the alligators!

These results show that it is easier to achieve horizontal separation between freeflyers and formation skydivers if the freeflyers exit last. Under those circumstances where this is not desirable for other reasons, then additional delay has to be inserted, as shown in the slide. If the RW group is large and will require, say, 15 seconds to climb out, then this delay may be quite easy to achieve

Finally - there are other factors to be considered. Climb-out time suggests that large groups should exit before small groups in the same discipline. This is the norm at most DZs. Students, tandems, and others intending to open high should exit last.